Pre-Marriage Class Registration Form

We're glad you are planning to be married at Mount Olive Lutheran Church. As you know, part of your Premarital Pathway is being matched with a marriage mentor couple who will commit to walk alongside you for the 6-week course. Please complete this brief form so we can make the best match possible for you.
His First Name:
His Last Name:
His Street Address:
His City/State/Zip:
His Phone Number:
His E-mail Address:
Her First Name:
Her Last Name:
Her Street Address
Her City/State/Zip:
Her Phone Number:
Her E-mail Address:
Engagement Date:
Wedding Date:
Is this a second marriage for one or both of you?
 Yes, Him
 Yes, Her
Do you have any children?
If Yes, please provide gender/age here:
Do you have any unusual scheduling issues that may impact when you can meet with your mentors?
We want to match you with a mentor couple with whom you have some similarities. Please check all statements below that are true for your history that will help to match you with a marriage mentor couple.
 We come from divorced families
 We have children from previous relationships
 We have children together
 We are dealing with the challenge of long work hours
 We both work outside the home
 We have a demanding travel schedule
 We have difficult future in-laws
 We want to learn how to have healthy conflict resolution
 We want to learn healthy ways to communicate
 We have difficult relationships with our parents
 We have experienced unfaithfulness
 We are new to the Christian faith
 We want to prevent any addiction
 We want to do challenging adventures together
 We want to pursue and enjoy the same types of activities together
 We have a difficult family of origin issue
 We have different faith backgrounds
 We were raised with different cultural backgrounds
 We have lost a parent
 We have been dating more than 1 year
 We have been dating less than 1 year
 We are in the military
 We are currently living together
 We are currently living in separate cities
 We are expecting a child
Please feel free to write any additional comments that would help us match you with a mentor couple.
Please tell us where you are at in the process of scheduling your wedding at Mount Olive. Check all that apply:
 We have completed an online wedding application
 We have met face-to-face with our Pastor
 We have received confirmation that our wedding date is on the church calendar
Please jot a few words about your expectations of the 7-week marriage mentoring program:
Please check one:
 We would prefer a mentor couple who is more social/relational.
 We would prefer a mentor couple who is more structured/academic.
Please check one:
 After the class is over, we would prefer to loosely stay in touch with our mentor couple as a resource.
 After the class is over, we would prefer to just get through the class and move on.
Please rate your interest in building community or friendships with your mentor's or other couples at Mount Olive after your wedding (5 being High interest):
How would you describe your spirituality (please check one):
 I believe in Jesus as my Savior and almost all of my daily life decisions are based on this belief
 I believe in Jesus, that he is real, and I really hope I go to heaven someday
 I am not sure that I truly believe in Jesus. I am exploring my spirituality.
 I do not believe in Jesus.
why did you choose Mount olive for your wedding (please check one):
 I grew up in this church and I always thought I'd be married here.
 I have a strong connection to one of the Pastors who is doing our wedding.
 We are getting married at Mount Olive because our family wants us to.
 We are getting married at Mount Olive because it's a beautiful venue.


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