Baptism Request

Baptisms will be conducted at all services on the 1st, and 3rd weekends during the services, with no more than 2 at each service. On the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of the month, we will conduct baptism's privately after the services. Parents are urged to attend the service.
First Preferred Date:
Second Preferred Date:
 Sunday, 8:00 am
 Sunday, 9:00 am
 Sunday, 10:30 am
 Sunday, 6:30 pm
 Private After Service
If "Other" please specify:
Full Name of Baby/Child/Adult:
Gender of Baby/Child/Adult:
Birthday of Baby/Child/Adult:
Are you a:
 Prospective Member
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Mother's Name:
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Preferred Method of Contact:
 E-mail Me
 Call Me
SPONSOR INFORMATION - Note: Sponsors need to be Christians
Sponsor 1/Name & Church Affiliation:
Sponsor 2/Name & Church Affiliation:
Sponsor 3/Name & Church Affiliation:
Sponsor 4/Name & Church Affiliation:
I would like a photo of my baby/child displayed during the baptism (only available during the Worship service):
If you would like a photo of your baby/child displayed during the baptism, please email it to Please be sure to include the name of the baby/child, and the date of the baptism. Please have the picture to Tammy by the Tuesday before the baptism date.
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