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Which date will you be attending?
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What is the best way to reach you?
Marital Status:
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Baptism Date:
Confirmation Date:
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Occupation/Place of Employment:
Spouse joining at this time?
First/Middle/Last Name of Spouse:
Address/City/Zip of Spouse;
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What is the best way to reach your spouse?
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Children joining at this time?
Child 1 First/Middle/Last Name:
Child 1 Living with you?
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Child 2 Current Grade:
Child 3 First/Middle/Last Name:
Child 3 Living with you?
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Child 4 Address/City/State:
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Child 4 Baptism Date:
Child 4 Confirmation Date:
Child 4 Current Grade:
How will you be brought into membership?
 By Adult Baptism (for those who have not been baptized or who were baptized in a non Christian religion or organization.
 By Adult Confirmation (for those who have not been a member of a Christian Church and have not been confirmed.
 By Profession of Faith (Meaning that you have been a member of a different Christian Church and wish to become a member of Mount Olive.
 By Transfer (for those who have previously been a member of a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church and are transferring from that church to Mount Olive.
 By Reception from another Lutheran Church (meaning that you have been a member of another Lutheran Church body (i.e. WELS, ELCA) and are now transferring your membership to Mount Olive.
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